Mission and сore values

Company Mission:

Through high standards and love for people, we aim to become the leading global IT distributor in the market.

Core values of the company:

Company values (also known as "corporate" or "foundational" values) are the fundamental beliefs on which a business is based. These are the main principles that are used when interacting with other companies, clients, and employees. They should influence every aspect of the business:

  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Employee rewarding system
  • Workplace behavior
  • Definition of marketing strategies
  • Communications with clients and partners

1. One of our key values is Professional Maturity.

Our employees due to their broad outlook easily adapt to external circumstances. They can easily communicate and negotiate with others. They pay great attention to communication between colleagues and acquiring knowledge, and constantly strive for professional growth.

2. Results Orientation.

We believe that each of our employees has the ambition to be a leader in their field and to move forward, being open and ready for new challenges, showing initiative and being results-oriented.

3. Passion for work.

First and foremost, we value love for one's work. We believe that diligence, loyalty, optimism, and a positive attitude towards work are essential conditions for successful and happy job.

4. Honesty/Transparency.

The qualities that we demonstrate in our relationships with colleagues, clients, and companies with whom we work are trust, honesty, and respect.

5. Mutual support.

It is important for us to help our clients and colleagues both in everyday duties and in achieving common goals.